This site aims to be a guide for creating maps in Fortnite Creative Mode. It will focus on understanding all the Devices in the game and how to build game mechanics with them.

Device Guides

Attribute Trigger Monitors a channel and transmits a signal based on various attributes of any player who triggers that channel.
Billboard Use this to display customized text in your game.
Button Configurable button which can trigger other devices when pushed
Capture Area A zone that can be used for item drop-off or point capture objectives. Place the device then drop an item on it to register it.
Capture Item Spawner Spawn capturable items as game objectives. Place the device then drop items onto it to register them.
Class Designer Allows you to define a custom Class with unique attributes and inventories. Place the device then drop items into it to register them.
Class Selector Creates a zone that switches players to a specific Class
Conditional Button A button which can only be activated when players are carrying specific items.
Elimination Manager The Elimination Manager allows sett up item drops and triggers related to eliminations, along with filters for various attributes of the eliminated actor.
HUD Message Device Display custom HUD messages to players using timers and triggers.
Item Spawner Highly configurable item spawner. Place the device then drop itmes on it to register them.
Lock Device Attach this device to a wall section with a door to allow the door to be opened, closed, locked and unlocked via receivers.
Map Indicator Allows custom Points of Interest and markers to be placed on the Minimap and Overview Map
Player Checkpoint Pad Sets a player's spawn point when activated and can also be used to clear player inventories.
Player Reference Stores a reference to a player to display information and use with Transmitters/Receivers.
Player Spawn Pad Spawns the Player at any location on their island.
Radio Play your favorite Fortnite music.
Save Point Saves and loads data for players that will persist across multiple sessions.
Speaker Use this to add sound effects and music to your game.
Tracker Allows you to create and track custom objectives for your players to complete.
Trigger Highly configurable device that can be used to relay signals to other devices.


Press a Button to show a Billboard Create a Billboard message that is hidden until a button is pushed
Game Phase Player Spawn Pads How to set up Player Spawn Pads for the various phases of a Game
Make an Interactive Prop Make a prop interactive by associating an invisible button with it
Jewel Hungry Door Lock A door that unlocks and opens only when you've given it enough jewels.
Treasure Map Reveal a secret stash of gold after studying a treasure map.


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